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Best Backpacking Equipment :
Recommendations for tents to matches

Wilderness backpacking equipment requires different hiking and camping gear than the typical Car camping.  For this reason, I have dedicated this page for camping gear that is best for backpacking and interior wilderness camping such as backcountry canoeing

The backpacking gear must be more sturdy and last longer.  It needs to be reliable, you are depending on this equipment, often with your life (ex. Water filter).  Plus you need lighter gear, that often can serve many functions (ex. Lid of a pot used as a frying pan). 


This page has a list of all the best backpacking equipment that I would recommend.   I’ve spend many years guiding interior canoe trips for weeks in the wilderness. If I wouldn’t use it, then I wouldn’t recommend it.

Shelter and Sleeping:

·      Tent - which is the best recommend tent for interior camping.

·      Sleeping Bag- how to decide which is the best bag for you, and what I recommend.

·      Sleeping pad- what camping bed I recommend.

·      Hammock?- have you ever considered ditching the tent, and sleeping in a hammock.  Read more about this!

Eating: cookware and food preparation

·      Pots and Pans- which pots and pans do I recommend?

·      Stove- what is the best travel and backpacking stove out there?

·      Camping Utensils- spork? Full utensil set?  What is necessary and what do I recommend?

·   Camping Dishes - What is necessary and what isn't?  What do I bring and would would I recommend to keep weight down. Neat dish ideas! :)

·      Firestarters- firestarting ideas and ways to keep your matches dry and safe.

·      Grill- you want to cook on the fire.  Why a grill is a great addition to bring camping.

·      Bear Barrels- suggested barrels to keep your food safe.

·      Food dehydrator - find out why you will thank me for getting one of these, and how it’ll save you TONNES of money!  And you’ll have DELICIOUS food on the trail for years and years!


·      E-book and recipes- check out my assortment of tried and true tested recipes.  I tested them on my campers… so you don’t have to.  Tested, loved and easy! 


Light at night

Lamps are great if you are carrying everything with your car, but when you’re in the middle of nowhere you’ll want to enjoy the stars, shooting stars, nightlife, and maybe even the northern lights (yup… I’ve seen them, even in Ontario)!.

But, when trying to find your tent after, this is the light I’d recommend.


·      Flashlight- which flashlight I recommend for night.  Mine has lasted YEARS… and has been to 3 continents so far!

Keeping Dry

·      Rain gear – what gear I recommend to keep dry when the sun gods have turned their back.

·      Tarp – Which one do I recommend when backpacking camping.


·      Clothing – When getting backpacking clothes, what do I recommend.

·      Quick dry pants – Why I think that quickdry pants are worth the extra money.

·      Shoes – Find out which shoes I’d recommend for hiking, in the water and more.

Keeping Safe and clean

·      First aid kit – a Comprehensive first aid list to include with your hiking and camping gear.

·      – Natural or Chemical?  Which do I recommend?

·      Bug jacket – Are these necessary? and what do I recommend?

·      Camping soap – Learn which kind is biodegradable, and what I think of camping soap.


·      Best Backpacking Water filter – which one lasts and works the best

·      Filtration or Purification or Chemical – learn different methods of treatment.

·      Best water bottle – What do I use, and why this is what I recommend.

·      Platypus bags / Camel baks– why these are another good option if you don’t want to take out a bottle to drink.

Carrying your Backpacking Equipment:

·      Choosing a backpack – learn how to choose a form fitting backpack.  The VITAL important gear of backpacking equipment !

·      Waterproof bags and containers – great methods to keep your backpacking equipment dry.

Maps and Navigation

·      Maps – which types of maps do I recommend, plus… how to read a map.

·      GPS – plus, a story on why you should also know how to read a map.

·      Compass – how to choose and use a compass.


·      Satellite phone – why these expensive devices are important, and which to choose.

·      Camping radio – use a radio to listen to music, or other radios you can use for communication.

·      Spot – an alternative to a satellite radio.

·      Cell phone – advice cell phone usage while camping.


·      Camping Saw- a recommended lightweight saw.

·      Camping Axe – a recommended axe to split firewood.

·      Camping Shovels – these are useful for pooping in the woods.

·      Camping toilet – how to poop in the woods and leave no trace!


·      Bear Bells, Bear Banger, Bear Spray - which ones to use and not use.

·      Bear Barrel - great bear canisters to keep your food scent free and away from Bears.

Check out my page on general gear recommendations for Car Camping, and Camping in General.

Canoe or Kayak specific stuff – check out this page for more info on canoeing specific gear.

If you have questions… I am working on adding more and more pages… OR, why not ask a question???

Check out Car Camping List and how to choose different gear.


Check out my Interior Camping Checklist - so you don't forget something.


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