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Camp Cookware:
Best Backpacking Camping cooking gear that lasts!

Looking for a great camping stove and camp cookware ? This camping cooking gear is perfect for backpacking, and I will share what it is and what I love about it! It’s lasted years of guided trips!

I have seen and used many different pots when camping. From SUPER expensive Teflon coated, outer coated pots, to aluminum pots. The pot sets that I would recommend are the MSR Alpine pot set (2 Pot Set or 3 / 4 Pot Set ).

Why this camp cookware?

Stainless Steel

·      Strong and Durable - This makes the pots strong and durable. 

·      Healthy - Stainless steel is healthier for your body as Aluminum and Teflon both have dubious health concerns that I’m not willing to risk. 

·      NOT Teflon lined - Teflon is very bad for your health, plus Teflon scratches with nested pots, unless it’s protected which is one more thing to worry about when you’re trying to relax and not have to worry when camping in the wilderness and trying to ‘get away from it all’.

·      Easy to clean – the stainless steel makes it easy to clean the outside from fire soot when using this outdoor cookware.


Multi Function

·      This camp cookware is awesome cause the lids can be used as plates as well as for frying pans.


·      The pots are handle-less, and so they pack up small, and can be nested inside each other.

·      Pot sizes for the 2 pot set is a 1.5 and a 2 litre pot.   1lb 10oz.

·      Pot sizes for the 4 pot set (according to amazon, but it has 3 pots) has 1L, 2L, 3L pots. 3lb, 2 oz.  I used this set when leading trips of up to 8 adult campers.  The large pot would be for the starch such as the rice, or noodles, the medium pot used for the sauce – such as chilli, or spaghetti sauce (check out my e-book), and then the small pot I would use for the desert- such as mixing bannock.

·      The handle is detachable and so the pots are very compact.

Fast Cooking

·      The bottom is the same thickness as the sides, which keeps the pots lightweight, plus it also means that your food cooks more quickly (although you have to be more careful to prevent burning).

Stuff Sack and Pot handle

·      The pot set comes with a stuff sack and a pot handle.


·      I like to store a dish towel, green scrubby, dish soap and matches for cooking in the inner pot.

Purchase the MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set

Purchase the MSR Alpine 3 / 4 Pot Set

If you are a solo camper, then you might want to look into getting the MSR Stowaway Pot . I prefer the sets though (2 Pot Set or 3 / 4 Pot Set), cause you can take as many or as few pots as you need for the number of campers you are camping with.

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Check out my fantastic tried and true backpacking e-book (plus it’s cheap – cause everyone should have delicious food on the trail)!  Then you'll have something to put in your camping cooking gear.

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