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Small gifts for campers :
Camping Gadgets you’ll Love

These camping gadgets are great gifts for campers when you want to get something that isn’t too big. Check out all these neat camping items, plus great books and other neat camping stuff.

I'm one of those people that prefers a gift that's small, useful and thoughtful. These camping gift ideas are smallish items that exactly fit the bill!

Head lamp - a necessity

I bought a Petzl head lamp over 5 years ago, and it's still going strong. The batteries last a super long time, and even when the batteries are nearly dead, there is still light. One of the best camping purchases I ever made!

Buy your own Petzl Tikka LED Headlamp

A classic knife.  Always useful

One of my first camping purchases was a camping knife. I use it all the time, and it's incredibly useful. It was so popular that my younger brother even stole it!

Buy a Gerber Black Diesel Multi-tool

For the camera lovers

Another neat camping idea is a Gorilla torch. These can be attached to anything, such as a tree limb and create lots of light. What a handy light!

Purchase the Gorillatorch Tripod Flashlight

A S.P.O.T - safety in the interior

These devices are pretty awesome if you plan on going off the trail, or into remote areas. It will automatically contact your contact person if you are motionless for a certain period of time and then will transmit your location. Plus, someone online can track your whole route in real-time. A great safety tool.

Purchase a SPOT Connect Smartphone Satellite Communicator

Emergency fire-starter (a must-have)

These low-priced camping gadgets may seem redundant, however, in an emergency they are a gift! I've only needed to use this once, but I was SO glad that I had it. Worth the few dollars.

Purchase a Magnesium Survival Firestarter

Parachord survival bracelet
(for the survivalist fan!)

On my road trip, my brother bought one of these and thinks its super neat! It's a great bracelet until you need a survival bracelet. Then, you've got metres and metres of rope.

Get a Paracord Survival Bracelet with Compass, Whistle, Lighter set

Survival kit

If you want to get into survival camping, then an emergency kit is a great idea. Why not get a Bear Grylls one???

Get your own Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit

Doesn't everyone want a spOrk?

Why not get a spork? A fork and spoon in one! These titanium ones are super light and a great camping tool.

Buy a Snow Peak Titanium Spork

For your girl campers - girls stand to pee!

Personally I haven't tried this device.  I have learned to squat. However, there are a lot of girls that haven't mastered this technique and so this device might be a great (if not funny) gift!

Get your own Female Urination Device

Above were some gifts for campers that I would recommend.  You could give them away as a gift for stocking stuffers at Christmas, or birthday gifts, whenever your camper needs a special camping gift.

Hope you enjoyed these gifts for campers.  BUT... Are you on looking for more camping gift ideas?  Then, you might want to check out these other pages (with useful or fun stuff)

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Or, find some larger or useful gifts.  These are great ideas that might cost a bit more, but might be just what your friend or family is looking for and will love!

Perhaps you know someone who loves to hike... check these hiking things out!  Camping and hiking go hand-in-hand.  These are some great gift ideas for your hiking camper.

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