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Camping First Aid kit :
Over 40 Important Items for your Backpacking First Aid Kit

A Camping first aid kit / backpacking first aid kit is VERY important when traveling into the woods away from civilization, hospitals and emergency medical care. When you’re backpacking, the only thing you have is what you brought with you. So, make sure to have a full and complete first aid kit. This list should help.

When making your own backpacking first aid kit , you do not need large bottles of everything, so bring enough for small emergencies, because if it’s serious you will be heading to a hospital quickly.

1. Adhesive bandages – (Band-aids) of various sizes

2. Dressings - Gauze pads of multiple sizes, gauze rolls

3. Triangular Bandages – used for slings, tourniquets, to tie splints.

4. Pressure Dressing

5. A waterproofed sheet of important emergency contact phone numbers.

6. Extra medications – Tums, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Gravol (anti-nausea), anti-diarrhea, Benadryl (anti histamine).

7. Epi-pen if have life-threatening allergies (or with a group)

8. Tweezers (to remove ticks)

9. Lip balm

10. Mirror

11. Splints - metal mesh, foam covering metal (SAM splint), or wood.

12. Tape – hypoallergenic, micropore

13. Safety pins

14. Face Shield / Pocket mask

15. Creams - Antibiotic ointment, Burn cream, Anti-fungal cream, Anti-histamine cream, Aloe Vera, tincture of benzoin

16. Blister care: Second skin, Duct tape, Moleskin

17. Zip-lock bag

18. Gloves (nitrile or hypoallergenic, non-powdered gloves)

19. Elastic tensor bandage – for sprains

20. Adhesive elastic roller bandages (often called Vet Wrap or Prowrap), effective as a pressure bandage or durable waterproof bandaging

21. Butterfly closure strips

22. Antiseptic – alcohol swabs or iodine

23. Scissors

24. Razor

25. Lighter

26. Thermometer

27. Space blanket- made of reflective plastic.

28. After-bite for bugs.

29. Cotton swabs (Q tips)

30. Whistle

31. Flashlight

32. Pencil and note pad (waterproof paper is best)

33. Eye wash cup

34. Floss for sewing

35. Tampons

36. Small Candle

37. Small bar of soap

38. Small First Aid guide

39. Oropharyngeal Airway (ONLY if trained to use these)

40. Instant Ice pack (if not interior camping)

41. Adjustable rigid neck collar (good to have)

There are two ways to acquire a camping first aid kit .

A. Purchase a pre-made backpacking first aid kit meant for camping.

B. Or purchase a first aid bag, and stock it yourself from your first aid supplies from home and purchase the missing items. Remember, you do not need large bottles of anything. Just enough to get you and your group to get out of the wilderness safely.

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