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Best Camping Parks :
Great Camping Places and Free Camping info

Camping Places, Camping Parks, Best Camping Locations, Free Camping You name it, I hope to share everywhere that I, and you, my fellow campers have camped!

I will share my first-hand experiences in many amazing National and Provincial Parks. Plus information on the best camping, which is of course free camping! Plus you can share your favourite camping places with fellow campers.

This page will continually be updated with new camping parks that I, or you, my fellow campers visit. Please share your experiences at the bottom of the page.

I have many favourite camping places. Although I have mostly camped in Canada and the USA, I have been camping up by glaciers, beside isolated lakes, deserts and I’ve found that each park is unique in its own way, each offering beautiful views and unforgettable experiences.

Free Camping (sometimes the best camping in my opinion):

Generally, I camp in Provincial, National and State Parks, however I also love to find free camping. Often this means that there are no services such as toilets, water or showers, but if you love to rough it, then you’ll be rewarded with fewer people, some amazing places plus… who doesn’t love free? Find out my tips for free camping and some beautiful places!

Canada Camping

As a Canadian, I started out camping in Canada (Ontario to be specific), and eventually moved to BC and started camping out there. Canada is a country of wilderness, and if you so desire, you can really get away from civilization if that is your desire.


· Quetico Provincial Park – Canoe Paradise; Clean water, fish, and fresh air.  What more could you want?

· Killarney Provincial Park – Small but beautiful,

· Algonquin Provincial Park – Canoe, backpack, hike and even listen to wolves,

· Cypress National Park – Clear water, hiking and scuba diving

British Columbia Camping:

· Joffre Lakes Provincial Parks - Mountains and Glaciers, and Views!,

· Jasper National Park – Wild and beautiful,

· Mount Robson Provincial Park - Mountains, gorgeous lakes and rivers, wildlife.  Plus. it's cheaper than Jasper!! :)

· Banff and Lake Louise - Gorgeous Torquoise lakes and mountains,

· Juan De Fuca Trail – backpacking hike,

· West Coast Trail – backpack the west coast of Vancouver island

United States National Camping Parks:

The United States has a diverse collection of National Parks, from Mountains, Deserts to Canyons and Lakes. If you have a particular park in mind, make sure to check out the busy season and make reservations as these camping parks can get quite busy, particularly during the summer when the weather is great and people want to get some fresh air.

Check out Why National Park Passes are great (and will save you $$)!

Arches National Park – Awesome rock arches

Badlands National Park - Ancient and interesting

Bryce Canyon National Park – Grand Canyon’s competitor,

Crater Lake National Park- Deepest Lake in North America,

Death Valley National Park – Hottest Place on Earth!,

Glacier-Waterton Park – See Glaciers, beautiful waterfalls and stunning views!

Grand Canyon National Park – the one and only,

Mesa Verde National Park – Old Anasazi Native ruins build into cliffs,

Redwoods National Park – Tallest Trees in the world!  AMAZING forests!

Sequoia National Park – Largest Trees,

Yellowstone National Park - from Geysers to Buffalo!

Yosemite National Park – hike the famous half dome,

Zion Canyon National Park – Popular and Beautiful,

United States BMR Camping:

I have not spent much time camping in these parks, however, I did quite enjoy my time in Grand Staircase and hiking in the slot canyons.

Escalante Grand Staircase – Slot Canyons (touch both sides of a canyon) and deserts

Camping ideas in different States:

Washington State - Fantastic park ideas - from National to State parks 

North Carolina - Recommended places to camp in this state.

Check out my experiences and pictures in the parks above, or better yet, share your favourite place to camp!

Where Do You Love To Camp?

Where do you love to camp? A favourite park? Where? What do you love about it? What do you love to do when you're there? Share it!

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