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Camping Gifts Ideas :
Great ideas for camping lovers on your list

Excellent Camping gifts ideas, plus gifts for hikers, and outdoor gifts for campers. Neat ideas that you may not have thought of before... You're sure to find something interesting here.

Maybe you love camping yourself... then you'll be like me and always excited to find new camping ideas. This page is where I share my latest neat finds of camping gear. Feel free to contact us and share your latest neat camping find! We love to hear from you!

The links on this page will take you to Amazon, so that you can purchase these items, usually at a very competitive price, plus your local store may not have them.

Lets get started....

Wearable sleeping bag

When I found these wear-able sleeping bags I thought 'That is SO neat!!!'. These are perfect for people that hate the claustrophobic feel of mummy bags and they look super warm! They're called Selk'Bags and come in both adult and childrens sizes! The prices are even pretty reasonable too!

Buy a Selk'bag for that cold camper (or yourself)!

Camping stove that uses twigs

Another neat charger is the biolite stove  that uses twigs and small pieces of wood to cook your food and charge your batteries. This is good if there is lots of wood and the park allows wood collection.

Get your own BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

Tent-less camping (with a hammock!)

These hammock tents are highly recommended and loved by lightweight campers. They have a rain-top, and mesh for bugs. All you need is 2 tree! You know you want one!

Buy your Hennessy Hammock

Lightweight comfy bed

Exped camping beds are the newest and latest camping mat that are insulated with down or synthetic material to keep you warmer against the ground. If your camping lover likes luxury, then this is it!

Buy a new Exped camping bed

Conversation starter (make friends car-camping)

If you want a more nifty gift... then this crazy tent might make your camping lover happy! Probably not meant for backpacking, but definitely a conversation starter for car camping.

Buy a VW Camper Tent

The ever-useful dry-bag

A very useful gift is a dry-bag. There is always something that needs to be kept dry- from clothes, to small electronics. These make a very practical gift.

Buy a Clear Dry Bag

The neatest sleeping bag ever!
(it'll be one of their best camping gifts)!

I know that this isn't something that you are likely to take camping, but its a great way to keep warm this winter!  

Get your own Bear Hug Body Pillow

Charge your devices in the bush!

I generally try to keep electronics off in the woods (or I camp in locations that are remote), but sometimes it's important to keep your phone charged for an emergency (if you don't have a SPOT).   

Check out the highly rated Portable Folding Solar Charger

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