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Canoe Supplies 
12 canoe accessories you’ll want on your next trip!

12 Fantastic canoe supplies that will make your next canoe trip much more enjoyable, comfier and just plain easier.  From the most recommended yoke pad to other ideas such as map cases. 


There are many canoe accessories that can make your canoe adventures much more fun, and easier.  Perhaps you’re looking for the comfiest way to portage your canoe… I’ll share the best yoke pads, or even other great accessories for your canoe.

1. Canoe Yoke Pad (Clamp On) – I’ve seen many types of padding for canoe yokes, and I’ll tell you what the BEST pad is. There are many pads that are soft, but force you to carry the canoe in such an awkward fasion, and give you bruises…

Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of pads!  The best canoe yoke pad is comfy, adjustable (for everyone to carry) and makes the canoe feel light.   Plus, the best thing, is that you don’t carry the canoe in a weird or awkward position, so you don’t get terrible muscle cramps, or have knots in your back at the end of the day. 

These are the yoke pads that I would recommend: are clamp on canoe yoke pads. They are adjustable for the individual people, plus it doesn’t drill into the yoke, so you don’t have ugly holes.Save your neck, buy Clamp On Yoke Pads now!. This would be my top canoe supplies!

2. Custom Yoke (Contoured Ash Yoke) – Perhaps you’ve already purchased your own canoe, and want to get a nice custom yoke. These can be made from some beautiful woods, and even custom carved. They’re a great addition to make your canoe special for you!

3. Kneeling Pads (Gel-filled) – If you’re a solo paddler, or prefer to kneel instead of sit while paddling, then a kneeling pad is a great way to save your knees.

4. Canoe Cushion – Seat cushions are a great idea for preventing your bum from getting sore, they are also not too heavy, so aren’t extra weight. There are also seat covers that have backs. Seat covers are an extra expense that can be worthwhile if your canoe seats are hard and un-comfy, such as with aluminum or plastic seats.

5. Snap-In Center Canoe Seat – If you have children and want to go canoeing, then an extra seat can easily be attached so they don’t sit on the bottom of the canoe, which can have water and be wet and uncomfortable.

Plus the extra person won’t feel like ‘an extra’, but instead will feel just like everyone else with a proper seat.  There are different extra canoe seat attachments such as fabric hammock style seats and also wood seats with webbing.

6. Skid Plate Kit – These are used to prevent major structural damage to the canoe. They are usually a strip of plastic or durable material that is glued or attached to the front and rear of the canoe,

so that if you’re paddling and accidentally hit a rock, or even the shore, the bottom won’t be damaged. 

 I’ve always had these on the canoe. It’s much cheaper to replace the skid plate than the whole canoe!  This is one of those canoe supplies that will save you lots of money over time.  A great money saver.

7. Canoe Storage Cover - A great way to protect your canoe for storage is a waterproof cover.

8. Solo Canoe or Kayak Sail – When I go canoeing, and put up a canoe sailing rig, I like to use a high quality, lightweight waterproof tarp, such as a large MSR Tarp.

(See how I like to Sail a Canoe)

Why carry 2 things can do the same thing as one? I like to keep everything as light as weight as possible. or check out this
Book- Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes: Modern Construction Methods for Three Fast, Beautiful Boats

9. SealLine Map Case – One of the most important investments I like to make for canoe camping, is a clear waterproof map carrier. These can hold your maps, as well as your important documents such as park permit, menu plan, recipe information.

10. Canoe Lashing Straps - Rope for lashing the canoe down – if you are transporting your canoe with your car or on a trailer, you’ll need to lash it down. I have always used the flat webbing tie down strap.

11. Wilderness Lash System Kit - If you are going to be doing white water canoeing, then you will want to make sure that your stuff stays in the canoe, even if your canoe flips over.

12. Food Dehydrator – Why do I add this as an accessory? Well, the BEST canoe tripping food is made by you, with a food dehydrator. A dehydrator, completely changed my camping experience.

I hope that these canoe supplies have given you some ideas for improving your next canoe trip, and making it EVEN MORE enjoyable! They're not necessary, but well thought out canoe supplies and accessories definitely make the trip easier and often less painful.

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