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Best Food Dehydrator! 
Make delicious home-cooked meals for the trail! 

The best food dehydrator.  I’ll share why I love my dehydrator to make delicious and healthy meals for the trail.  I'll share why I love my dehydrator!

When I first started camping and then backpacking and interior canoeing, I never thought that I’d dehydrate food.  It sounded complicated, and a lot of work. 

I would use pre-made packages, I tried the military field rations (yug), ate Kraft dinner and  I even considered getting those super expensive ‘all done for you, just add water’ meals. But those cost A LOT of money!  It seemed like I had to sacrifice my wallet or my heath and taste-buds.

Then, someone showed me how easy it was to dehydrate my own meals for camping.  After a meal they’d made during the winter or spring… say of chilli, they put the extra leftover chilli on the dehydrator, and by the next day, they had a dehydrated meal that could be taken on their next camping trip.


It’s as easy as throwing your left overs in your best food dehydrator, and then putting them in a plastic bag, and bringing the food on trip. 

When on the trail, in the morning, soak the dried meal, and by supper, heat and have a healthy home cooked meal in the bush! 

The food you make at home is healthier, tastier, and not full of chemicals.  Plus, it saves you SO much money! 

Compare the price of $7+ dollars for a pre-packaged meal to using your leftover meals which cost less than a few dollars each.

Beyond making meals, you can also make:

Fruit leather – mix your favourite fruits into your own personal fruit leather blend.

Meat Jerky – healthy and delicious.


Dried fruits (they taste WAY better than store bought dried fruit) – plus they aren’t full of chemicals and are healthier.


What dehydrator do I use?  Which is the Best food dehydrator?

The dehydrator I use is the Nesco 600 Watt Food Dehydrator . Many use it and love it… Check out the reviews here.. The Nesco 600 Watt Food Dehydrator is priced at less than $60. It’s a small investment for great food for many years ahead. Plus it will pay for itself by saving you from buying pre-packaged foods. Particularly if you’re camping with more than one person! This dehydrator I use, is the Nesco 600 Watt Food Dehydrator , I have it running for weeks straight at a time. It’s hardy, and lasts a long time. They can be purchased, like everything these days at Amazon. Buy a Nesco 600 Watt Dehydrator now! (with free shipping!)

If you want some great backpacking recipes, check out my e-book.  They’re all tried and true recipes that I take on trip, and have been tested on my campers, and have come out victorious.  It’s all the best, and favourite recipes!

Check out what others think of the Nesco 600 watt Dehydrator. at less than $60, it is a great price.

However Nesco makes a cheaper $35 400 Watt dehydrator that also gets excellent reviews.

Check out the Nesco 400 Watt Food Dehydrator

Buy the Nesco 600 Watt Food Dehydrator today. You won't regret it.

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