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Camping Dishes:
what dishes are necessary when backpacking.

Save weight and money when choosing camping dishes for your next backpacking trip.  Neat ideas, plus great recipes and gear ideas when you’re in the woods.


When backpacking and camping, I like to bring ONLY the necessary dishes for a trip.  I once brought someone on an interior canoe trip, and didn’t go through their stuff before the trip.  Their pack and gear (which we both carried on portages) was SUPER heavy as they brought extra unnecessary stuff.  Kitchen stuff can be cut back easily. 


Here’s a list of camping dishes you can bring to make a camping kitchen include:  Plate, Bowl, Cup, mug, spoon, fork, knife (plus camping cooking gear which I have another page for).  But… you don’t need to haul ALL of that around on your back.

What do I eat off of?

When I’m doing backpacking or interior canoeing, I only take camping bowls.  The reason that I only bring a bowl is that anything that can be eaten on a plate, can also be eaten from a bowl.  This is a bowl that I recommend, as I am not a fan of plastics as they leach plastic molecules. 

MSR Alpine Bowl

This is a nice, simple stainless steel bowl, so it doesn't leach plastic.  and... of course it's MSR... I tend to love MSR gear!

If you want a super light-weight bowl, this is another good option.

GSI Outdoors Cascadian mess kit

GSI Outdoors Cascadian Bowl

If a plate is particularly important for you, there are a couple options that I would recommend.  You could use the lid of your pots.  Another option is that I know some people that like to use frizbees for plates.  They clean them up, and use them as a plate and then after supper they clean up for a great activity and thing to eat off of.  Multi-purpose is the name of the game when I camp!  Personally though, I don’t ever bring plates, as I like to travel light and feel that it’s just extra weight. 

Discraft Ultra-Star 175g

MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set

Checkout my page on my recommended pot sets and camp cook-ware.

What utensil do I use?

Snow Peak Titanium Spork

I also don’t bring forks.  I only bring spoons.  I personally have a snowpeak titanium spork.


Check out my page on recommended backpacking utensils.


What do I use to drink?

To drink, I usually just use my Water bottle. (check out my favourite water bottle choice).  When I am traveling with a group, we will bring a few mugs for anyone that lights hot beverages.  There are several mugs that I would recommend:


Chinook Timberline Double-wall Mug

This one has a double layer of stainless steel.  It is a bit heavier, but it will keep your drink VERY warm.

If you are worrying about weight, then I would recommend these mug as they are only 1 layer thick and so lighter weight.

Coleman Enamelware Coffee Mug

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Cup

To find out more about the utensils I like and prefer, check out my utensil page.

Below are some really camping neat camping dishes ideas that I haven’t tried, but look promising:

Coleman Origami Dishes

Sea to Summit X-Bowl

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