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Camping Utensils:
The only necessary camping cutlery you’ll need.

Find out the best and only camping utensils so you save money and don’t carry what you won’t need.  What about the spork, best knives etc.

The proper camping cutlery makes cooking easier in the woods.  There are many options, a spork, spoons, forks, knives, or even just sticks (aka chopsticks) and more... 

Truth.  Most people love to eat.

Truth.  There are many tools we can use to eat.

Truth.  When camping, we only want to bring what we need.


I’ll share what the minimum necessary camping utensils that you need when deep in the woods.

Eating when camping, as with regular living, is a vital (literally) part of our existence, and so, it would not come as a shock that we enjoy eating and put a lot of effort into meals.  However, in the woods, we tend to appreciate and taste our food more with all the fresh air.



When I go interior canoeing or backpacking, I like things to have multiple uses, and if they don’t have multiple uses, then I don’t bring them.



The only utensils that I bring on backpacking or canoe trips are:

GSI Polypropylene cutlery set

·      Spoons – these can be used for soups, pasta and noodles.  A spoon is much more versatile than a fork, and serves many purposes.

My preference is a single blade simple buck knife like this one.

·      Knife – a good multi-purpose knife is important.  I like to use a large single blade jack-knife.  These can be purchased for a relatively reasonable price and can be used for multiple things such as cutting vegetables if you want to bring fresh food, or cutting cheese, or even digging deeper into a container of jam or peanut butter.

If I am going with a bigger group (5+), I will also bring:

MSR Alpine Utensil Set

·      Large foldable camping serving spoon to serve equal meals in everyone’s bowl.  Plus it comes with measuring lines, so when you’re adding water, you know how much you are adding to different ‘recipes’.

·      Large foldable camping spatula (aka the flipper) – this helps flipping grilled cheese, stir fry’s, or pita pockets.

Plus...1 extra plastic butter knife to spread peanut butter, in addition to the regular knife.

Material:  It’s best to get any camping cutlery made of a lightweight material, such as polycarbonate, lexan or titanium.

Spork?  I do have a spork… a titanium one at that, but a spork is not necessary for camping, although it is a GREAT dinner topic! J

The SPORK I Have! Snow Peak Titanium Spork

Utensil kits? Some people like to get those stainless steel sets that clip together, they are nice and a great way to keep everything together.  They are not nessary (a spoon can do what a fork can AND it can be used for soup and liquids), but some of them are pretty lightweight and neat! 

Huntington Camping Fork/Knife/Spoon Set With Pouch

Here are some many different Camping utensil options that you can choose from:

I know of one fellow camper who used only sticks from the site when stirring, and did not use serving spoons …  

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