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Portable Camping Grill:
Which one you should pack one in your pack?

I’ll share why a camping grill is important for you to bring when camping and which one I recommend.  You don’t want to be stuck with burgers and no way to cook them on the trail!

  • What do you do if the backpacking route you are going on will not have built in campfire cooking grills?
  • What about drive in camping… you arrive at the site and wanted to grill burgers, but there is no grill… Better be prepared. 
  • What if your stove dies or blows up or gets engulfed in flames (yes this has happened to me), and I still needed to cook supper!  So, I, being the prepared person I am, I pulled out the camping grill and cooked the meal on the campfire. 

When camping at many campsites (even drive-in camping), many sites do not have grills, so you need to bring your own if you want to grill any food on the fire.

Before I recommend the grill, make sure that you build the rocks around your fire BEFORE you light the fire, and then test your grill and make sure that it is very sturdy and can handle your pot (with food inside).  Then, remove the grill, build your fire, and place grill on once fire is hot, or has become coals.


I prefer a nice medium non-fancy grill.  I wrap it in a foamy and use it against my back in my pack, and then sit on the foamy around the fire.

Here is the simple grill that I recommend (it looks nearly identical to the ones I've used- it's great for groups):

Learn more about the simple grill I like to use. The Wenzel Camp Grill fits the bill.

If you want a ‘foamy’ to use as a fire seat and to cushion the grill and protect your gear from soot in the pack, here is what I recommend:

Learn more about the Multi-purpose Foam Camping Mat I like to use.

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