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Poison Ivy
what it is, what does it look like, how to treat it

I'll share pictures to help you identify poison ivy, and also share what i've used that works for treating poison ivy.

Below are pictures of the red poison ivy.

I grew up by being taught how to identify poison ivy as a kid.  I knew how to avoid it, and had never had a rash.  I thought that I was immune, cause if i ever walked through it, I made sure to wash off with soap, and never got a rash.  Until I got a dog.  A dog that cuddles with me at night.

My dog Pippin, is a Jack Chihuaha.  She loves to run in the woods, not a care in her mind.  This means that she runs through the poison ivy, and then comes to bed and cuddles right next to me.  

I started to get rashes under my arms.  I couldn't figure it out.  But, then realized that my dog was giving me poison ivy at night. 

So... what did I do to treat it?

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