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Mini Nalgene bottle 
Prevent leaks when camping and traveling. 

Mini Nalgene bottle .  


When backpacking, I carry small amounts of food in re-usable small reusable bottles so I don’t get leaks, and save the planet at the same time.


Save our landfills while also using leak-proof containers so your food doesn’t leak when back-country camping or traveling. 

Which ones are they?  I'll show you in pictures...

Small Nalgene Wide Mouth Round Container various sizes

Nalgene Wide Mouth Square Storage Bottle

Nalgene Straight Side Jar

Nalgene Bottle Kit

Nalgene Small Clear Travel Kit
There are so many choices. A great idea is the Nalgene Bottle Kit, so you have a variety for all the different things to fill them with.

There are many reasons why I use these mini re-usable pill bottles:

·      To follow park rules,  (such as Quetico Provincial Park’s no glass or can rule)

·      Save space in my pack from using bigger bottles ,

·      Save the environment (and fellow campers feet) by not accidentally leaving broken glass,

·      Save weight (cause who wants to carry glass jars, or bigger bottles out of a park)

·      Create less garbage- the bottles are re-usable so I don’t finish with lots of plastic bag garbage.

·      They are non-breakable

·      They are long lasting.


Why do I use these jars instead of other containers?


If you’re carrying lots of food in close proximity (such as in a bear barrel, dry sack or food pack), then you want something that is leak proof.  Nalgene are a well-known brand, and are known for being leak proof. 


NOTE:  (I still put the bottles in plastic bags in case I don’t screw the lid on right).


Why do I still use them?

·      They are better than any other bottle I’ve used. 

 ·      There are a variety of sizes, so you can choose the right size bottle for the amount of food you’re bringing.

 ·      They’re reasonably priced. – for a high quality product, they are very well priced.

·      They last a long time- for years and MANY trips! 

PLUS! They are multi-purpose. I also have a few that I use to carry shampoo and toiletries when I’m traveling (such as the Nalgene Small Clear Travel Kit ), so I can take the things I want on the plane with me too!

I personally prefer the wider mouthed bottles such as the Small Nalgene Wide Mouth Round Container , or the Nalgene Straight Side Jar so it’s easier to get food out and also to clean later.

But… don’t take my word for it…. Check them out yourself and see what other people think of them too!

Check out what I think is the best water bottle's stainless steel and I LOVE it.  People are always commenting on my awesome bottle!

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