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Mosquito spray and Information on Westnile virus.

Prevent mosquito bites with natural mosquito spray and prevent Westnile virus spread by mosquitos. This site has information on natural and DEET mosquito spray.

Deet Insect RepellentTreating Mosquito BitesNatural Insect RepellentTick Info and Removal - Identify Biting Insects

There are two main kinds of mosquito repellent:

1) DEET based mosquito repellent– this uses a neurotoxin called DEET. It is the most effective bug repellent, but is toxic. Find out more about DEET based insect repellent. (LINK)

2) Natural Insect repellent- you can purchase pre-made bug repellents such as bite blocker, or you can make your own by following these recipes. Find out more about alternative and healthy natural insect repellent.

The reason that you’ll want to prevent mosquito bites is all the many diseases that mosquitos carry. Plus, the fact that their bites are itchy. Plus, tropical diseases are moving further north each year.

Learn Natural Mosquito spray options.

Some Mosquito diseases include:

WestNile Virus:

Distribution: North and Central America, parts of Africa, Europe and Middle East, and Australia.

Mild Symptoms: Headache, Fever, Vomiting, Nausea and Rash.

Severe Symptoms: disorientation, tremor, neck stiffness, coma, vision loss, and paralysis. These could be temporary or permanent.

Time: Symptoms are visible 3-14 days after being bitten.

Most people show now symptoms of Westnile Virus, although the elderly, infants and people with auto-immune deficiencies are more likely to show symptoms.

No medical cure for Westnile Virus, your body fights it on its own. Complete recovery is usually possible.

Warmer Weather/Tropical Mosquito diseases.


Distribution: Countries along the equator – from Northern-Central South America, Central America, most of Sub Saharan Africa, India, Thailand, Indonesian islands

Symptoms: chills, fever, muscle ache, chills, and malaise, similar to the flu. Classic symptom is paroxysm- sudden coldness followed by chills and then fever and sweating.

Severe symptoms: severe headache, renal failure, enlarged liver, hypoglycaemia, respiratory distress.

Time: Symptoms are visible 6-8 days and up to months after being bitten.

No cure, preventative medicines (prophylaxis) that partly work, mild malaria can be treated with oral medicine. Complete recovery is usually possible.

Dengue Fever

Distribution: Parts of South America, Central America, Africa, Australia, Indonesian Islands, India and Asian countries, and Parts of Mexico and Southern states. Mostly in tropical locations.

Most people don’t have symptoms.

Mild Symptoms: skin rash (similar to measles), fever, headache, muscle and joint pains similar to a viral flu

Severe Symptoms: shock and circulatory collapse – occur if person is bitten a second time by infected mosquito, virus can affect other parts of the body too.

Time: Takes 3-14 days (usually shows up between 4-7 days) after being bitten.

Becoming more widespread.

No cure. Treatment is oral or intravenous rehydration.

Yellow Fever

Distribution: Areas of Africa and South America. Is not found in USA or Canada.

Symptoms: chills, headache, fever, nasea backache, vomiting and nausea and jaundice.

Serious Symptoms: affect blood, liver and kidneys.

Time: takes 3-6 days to show up after mosquito bite.

Vaccination exists. No exact cure.

Japanese Encephalitis

Distribution: Parts of Asia including China, Thailand, India, other smaller countries and some Indonesian islands

Symptoms: Fever, headache,

Severe Symptoms: Neck rigidity, convulsions, fever, Can lead to brain damage if infected in severe cases and eventually coma.

Time: 5-15 days after being bitten.

Vaccination exists. No cure if have it.

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