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Camping Lights

Camping lights.  There are so many options out there.  I'll share what I use (a head lamp), and give other options for camping lights.

My favourite headlamps

I like to camp light and with spending as little as possible.  

My favourite camping light is a camping headlamp.

I have two that I use.

Keep in mind that, depending on what your needs are, you may not want or need exactly what I have, but for me, this is what I like and use.

My first camping headlamp was a Petzl Tikka 2 plus.

I still use it all the time and love it.  The reason that i love it is that the battery last a long time, and I can set the brightness of the light.  By lowering the brightness, my battery lasts longer.   It also has a flashing option.

The only problems with this is that you can't buy it anymore, and it doesn't have a red light.  It only has white light  :(

I was away for work and needed another light, but with a red-light, so I recently went to my local camping store and tried a few - of varying prices, and brightnesses.

I didn't really want a super bright light, with white and red light options.

***Black Diamond Ion Headlamp***

Why do I like it?

  • It has red and white, dimming and strobe options.
  • Uses only 2 AA batteries (I get rechargeable ones) (my old one used 3, and this one is brighter!)  Double A batteries are easy to get... 
  • Bright - 100 lumens on brightest setting
  • Waterproof, so if it's raining, you'll still have light
  • weight 113 grams

Why didn't I get another that was cheaper, or more expensive or smaller or brighter.  This one used double A batteries which can be purchased anywhere (smaller ones use batteries that are harder to find).  It's water resistant (cheaper ones die in the rain), brighter ones are bigger.  So it's the best overall.  

Black Diamond Ion Headlamp

What about a regular flashlight?

I prefer headlamps, but if you were to get a flashlight, this one is especially recommended.

GearLight LED Flashlight

It's water resistant, zoomable with 5 modes, super bright (see something up to 1000 feet away).  Uses three triple A batteries or one rechargeable battery.

Lanterns - for car camping or groups = camping lights!

Sometimes, if you're car camping, and not worried about weight, or you're camping with a group and need big light, a lantern is what is needed.  

I'll share three, differently fueled, lanterns that are highly recommended.

The first is a classic lantern.  It uses fuel and it doesn't run out of batteries, and though it can't be used in a tent, it is a classic (as the name says).   This is what I used as a kid growing up with my family.

Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern

  • 700 lumens on bright = very bright
  • uses white gas or unleaded gasoline
  • 7hrs on one tank of fuel
  • adjustable dimmer
  • 2 mantles
  • hard carry case

The second is rechargeable and has lots of great recommendations:

Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern
  • 400 lumens = bright
  • It offers 200 hours on one charge
  • 2 year warranty
  • water and drop resistant
  • can be used as a battery bank to charge your camera or cell phone

The third one is not super bright, but is solar charged!

SUAOKI Collapsible Clover Style Camping Tent Lantern Lighting Lights Flashlight

  • Cheapest of the 3 lanterns (also the least bright)
  • Chargeable by solar or USB
  • Small - smaller than a iPhone 6 plus
  • Uses  18  LED lights

Overall, what you need depends on your weight requirements and what you like to do at night when you are camping.  Large groups, car camping would be great for a lantern.  Backcountry camping headlamps are crucial.  Personally I think headlamps for camping light are useful for all sorts of camping and even around the house.

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